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New Data: 29/12/19

By:Barbara Neville
Date: Mon,30 Dec 2019
Submitter:barbara Neville

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New Data: 29/12/19
In the light of what we have been told today 29/12/19 about how the portals, alignments, sacred numbers and the earths equinoxes and solstices are not as important now we are all in the flow of the new Gaia frequency.

We are not sure how to proceed with the data that we have been given over these last years.

Our story: Christmas and New Year experiences into the new 9-year cycle with love:

Being undecided about going to Albir in February we woke early and the sun was almost out.

[Since last Saturday the 21st it has been very dark~ the weather has been very cloudy, it felt like the sun had gone~ this morning it came back out and smiled.]

Getting up and dressed we uncovered the electric scooter and got it ready to rock and roll.

As we headed down to the park~ there were not many people about~ and the ones who had got their kids up and out did not look happy~ they all looked as if they were suffering the Christmas excess of food, drink and late nights.

We had decided to ask the trees about the holiday~ we reached the big one on the side of the main road, and connected to it’s field and we felt we were in a beautiful bubble of nature, Gaia @ her best.

As we went into the park where the paths are all set out there were a few people walking their dogs, we came off the path and went in close to the elderly grand oak tree with the yew trees beside it making a tree cave. They were set in a line with the yews close by almost making a tree sanctuary, we sat in this space and we were in the new 2020 light.

And there~ coming along one of the branches~ a squirrel came to say hello~ we watched each other for a while, until a dog came and disturbed us.

Moving on to the next tree cave we got a bit muddy~ but kept in our tree created space~ the squirrel of this tree came down and again we watched each other, the energy of this frequency is us! We are one with it!

As we came out of the trees, we trundled round the paths to the next elderly yew tree ~ a massive tree that had to be supported because it would have broken, we sat by its trunk and it covered us in its love, Gaia’s connection for a while.

As we were observing the people, dogs and kids~ all going about their day~ we could not help wondering about these new frequencies and the effects it has on all life~ what we saw through our new nature light fields was people moving very fast~ even a slow walkers seemed to be in a hurry to finish their walk.


It shocked us a bit; we felt we were happily drifting along in the park ~in this beautiful place with a view of the sea and the flower beds with winter flowers in them, it was so still; it was wondrous; and yet everybody else was in hyped up mode, even though they were out enjoying themselves, Or NOT!
The parallel of this was startling~ and we had to re-adjust our perception to be able to carry on creating our new field light~ we did~ we sat on a bench and connected to the planet.
Two ladies stopped and commented that we are brave, to sit on the seat because it was cold, we said, we are well wrapped up and did not feel cold.

They wished us a happy new year and shuffled off.

The whole episode showed us how far removed we have become from the old way, we can still function and do what’s needed~ but we are not in that space any more~ and yes! We will try to book a holiday to Spain. Yeah!

The other thing that struck us was how all soul are trying to give reasons for these different influences in our life~ and we know that they are all correct.

We feel lost in dates, numbers, and cosmic alignments and all the while we are in the new frequencies.
BUT! What does it matter which portal, alignments and gateways are open now~ the whole of the planet is open the portals have merged into one big flow~ the cosmic timing is done for us! That’s my higher being and me.

Its probably not so~ for the many souls on earth~ so it must still go on~ and people will still try to explain it by the way the universe is working.

Our observation of this means that we~ as humans~ have to have reasons for the things we do not understand~ it is more comfortable for us to say~ it’s this or that…. That is doing this to us~ its difficult to equate to our own evolution, in the way these frequencies are affecting us, and the thing is~ its completely normal for us to evolve with these new frequencies.

It is natural and we do not have to have outside reasons to explain~ there is no blame on anything~ we are human~ we are far greater that our physical body and its all very normal; everything is correct.

What this means to us is ~ we do not think that way any more, change these thoughts.

The dates of the full moons equinoxes and solstices will still be of importance, they are cosmic clocks to keep us on track and the other dates of astrology, sacred numbers, solar streams are happening anyway.

We just have to understand~ that there is no explanation for us to be going on with~ when we need to do any kind of alchemy balancing~ we will find our self in the right place~ at the right time~ to anchor the energies into Gaia’s mantle, core and crust with the singing bowls~ on the 9/10 Jan we are going to be with my friend and we are going to practice healing with the bowls.

If we get to Spain~ we will sit in and anchor into Gaia~ all the other pulses that are ready to be reattached to her in the new light frequencies.

From now on we work on our instincts, not our physical calendar and accept that this IS the new way forward into the next 9 years. Yes! ? End

NIGHT TIME MESSAGE: This was given 26/12/19 before we had todays message

Each year’s cosmic alignments have a pattern to them:
This information is coming in now Dec 2019~ it is the latest from the planetary beings~ that are our group.
We now know~ that we do come from the unified field of life~ and have experienced the soul groups of the galactic masters~ and all other entities that have existed. We are all one.
Each year cosmic alignments have a pattern to them~ each time they come round in the earths time frame as a gigantic spiral.
In space there is no time, it’s just the pulses, if we take this into our new way of thinking about Gaia’s continues regular rotations~ and start to ‘see’ the pattern as an constantly adjusting spirals of light fields~ instead of separate incidents.
There is no stopping and starting or opening or closing. These adjustment phases come in and out seamlessly as one~ leading into the next one, think about it this way.

The information for the 9/1/20:
Gradually as the time comes nearer to the date 9/1/20 meditation date~ the truth of this date is unfolding as a rather grand sacred period, but we do not know what this is.
There have been so many alignments, eclipse, conjunctions, of the planets that is manifesting and activating over this time.
They have been creating portals or a momentary flash or darkness so that the planetary + galactic mentors can raise the frequency into the core of ALL LIFE in the universe.

Our knowledge of astrology is limited, to say the least, but we aware told in Sep 2019 that the 9/1/20 was to be a special day to focus and meditate~ we did not know why then.
Now, we understand that we will be anchoring on the multi dimensions~ balancing and using the light fields alchemy to apply this.

[The alchemy, is the way we feel, as we put our thoughts, heart felt love, focus onto the creation.]

The planets we are talking about is Pluto and Saturn, it’s called the Capricorn vortex, it began with a new moon in Capricorn and the solar eclipse.

These alignments are going to conjunct in Jan 2020; the planets involved are connected to the structure of earth in particular.
The idea is~ we are planting new seeds and ideas into the new energies fields of higher frequency~ so that they will grow.
This relates to the balances and new construct of Gaia’s mantel, core and crust.

Our mission is to create a holding energy within these structures~ releasing the old negative 3/5th Ds frequency and understanding the 7th-12th frequency’s into it.

Then we have been told to seed into Gaia’s core the miniature spiral going anti-clockwise the creating way. This we did @ the Isle of Wight. We will do it again as and when.
From Sept we have been holding and nurturing the mantel with the new light, holding, changing and re-aligning Gaia and releasing the negative from life.

There is another aspect coming in~ about the regular patterns of the yearly alignments of earth transitions, equinoxes, solstice, lion gate, the spiritual New Year, new and full moon phases.
Look at it as a spiral~ and each cycle comes round and sets the new pattern, creating the magnificent changes in Gaia, solar system, galixy and universe, look at the big picture.
Spirals, each tuning, is a moment; these rotations are expanding or reducing the life of Gaia’s spirals~ to disintegrate the old negative @ the same time as the new takes its position.
It’s not a release~ it’s an alchemical practice known by these higher parts of our self~ who are performing these tasks~ because they are the ancient knowledge practicing.

We are the ground crew who are consciously becoming aware of our part in all this~ receiving and transmitting the divine power of our origin. We are far greater that our physical vessel, 85% light 15% physical.

Those of us who have understood and reclaimed our power~ are the way showers~ the ground crew who facilitate the higher frequency’s to be able to directly connect to Gaia+ all entities life’s in our universe.

Each soul on earth is focusing into their now moment~ even for a second~ is anchoring these 2020 transitions into the future each time~ sit, be quiet, breath, connect and expand~ you are doing it for ALL life planets and universe.

Be natural with it, make it normal~ because it is normal for every human~ there is nothing special about it~ all souls hold their light frequency within~ it’s a very normal trait for everyone~ just because you cant see it directly~ does not mean it does not exist~ It does exist in EVERY SINGLE living thing.
Man has intellectual consciousness, a brain and body of great dexterity~ these can activate this given power and the understanding~ be joyful~ give out love and happiness~ compassion and trust.

It will stimulate the brain~ so that you can make the best choices within the bio-suit~ to expand the mind beyond anything~ that has been experienced so far~ do it with action, thought and being. Accept these gifts openly outwardly show to other by your actions.

When: as the time comes, we will be directed to what and how we are to anchor and merge Male and Female and balance these two opposites, Light/Dark, Yin/yang, Fire/Water, Male/Female over this next period, there does not need others to help. we work alone on this.

As I planetary being and feeling these light fields~ we are holding, tuning, and adjusting Gaia’s fields~ by turning the spirals clockwise and anti clockwise where its needed~ the vortex’s have been used to apply the fine tuning to keep focus on yourself and away from the others.

Light and dark:
The Christmas fields are coming in strong making us wobbly~ the energy is strong and fluctuating, we are in a different frequency.

This is an account of the physical perception of the fields~ everyone has their fields and aura~ the higher beings are there, its the denseness of the physical body stops people feeling it, going within, breathing, and focusing the gratitude/ love from the heart open’s the doorway.

Practicing makes it your reality~ when you become aware of this~ it gives you the stronger periphery sight and the open 3rd eye, as a void~ this is the experiences in the different frequency’s.

SO… in the new frequency it shows itself permanently in periphery sight~ when its dark~ the connection is much stronger~ due to the chemical changes in the body ~ but it can be felt by many~ this polarity practice done by many~ is creating the bedrock for the next level.

All way showers and light workers are doing this~ there will not be a quick change~ its soft, slow, layer upon layer, day by day and all the time building the light for this.

How do we see the imagines~ in the dark and light?
The energy beings are showing them self’s to us visually, we can see them much clearer in the dark~ we are being told to practice these visual adjustments~ first in the dark then we will try it in daylight.
The data about how these fields are~ they are influenced by light and dark~ it is easier to see them in the dark.
We have been observing them for quite some time, to accept these as a real thing~ is quite scary~ when they are so close to us. It has taken awhile for us to be comfortable with it.
The knee jerk action to this is to pull back and turn on the light; this is the fear of the unknown.

We consciously decided not to do that~ and to become used to it as our reality, and we have succeeded.
We tune in and watch these imagines~ trying to relate them to things we know~ they show us how these cogs; geometric shapes and entities are working.

It’s getting easier to be in it~ and not feel scared~ we do not have the fear, we have got used to it.

We know that these images are not outside of us~ they are us~ in our aura and fields of our divine self~ nothing to be afraid of quite the opposite~ they are very comforting.

Over the last few months we have had a blockage in our heart chakra the mid Tan Tien. Our question: is this happening in Gaia @ Glastonbury?

The coming together of fire and water~ we are healing it in our body and its being done in Gaia’s heart chakras?
We have been giving it focused love~ and holding it.
It is the heart chakras of Gaia at Glastonbury, red and white sacred wells, fire /water, male/ female integration.
Thank you X
Be blessed.

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